Definition and development of service concepts for steel moulds for the concrete block industry

Definition and Development of Service Concepts for Steel Moulds for the Concrete Block Industry

Determination of the optimum parameters for the process of manufacturing thin concrete slabs

Bolted individual plungers – a solution for all paving products


Further-developed mould design and innovative management software for concrete block moulds

Hollow block mould assembly: from welded to bolted versions – a constructional journey through time

The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid as an example of an international architectural project

Looking back at the founding and growth on the 10-year anniversary

Aspects for the definition of an industrial standard in modern mould construction

Modular mold construction:  bolted concrete block molds can decisively influence production planning


New system for short delivery times of products with replaceable parts

New system for short delivery times of products with replaceable parts

From product trend to technology development – an overview

Plastic production board with internal honeycomb structure now available in a revised version


Current problems in the wear behaviour of concrete block molds

Production area enlargement for continued growth

New plant for the production of high quality pavers in Quito, Ecuador

A good mould starts with a good stone

Practice-oriented service for concrete plants


Technology symposium was a complete success

Micro-tears and grey discolourations in concrete products

Interaction of innovative concepts in concrete block moulds to support an efficient production ...

Bosun Brick uses state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing high-quality underground …

Technical innovations for high-quality concrete products


Requirements for the development of new concrete blocks and stone systems

New mould technology for high dimensional accuracy with large-format paver systems


Jürgen Braungardt is the new managing director of Kobra Formen GmbH


Technological further development makes new designs and high quality possible in the production of

New bolted hollow block moulds from Kobra for the Middle East

20 years of quality and innovation

Ferreteria Ochoa – the largest block manufacturer in the Carribean

Long service lives of concrete block moulds thanks to quality and innovative technology


Hands-on technology at bauma trade show stand

Customer-orientated product philosophy and innovative world firsts in mould construction

Innovative trade fair novelties in bolted mould technology

New hollow block moulds have already proven them selves in practice


Trend towards individuality and exclusivity in modern mold construction

Patented technology for classy concrete stones


Rudolf Braungardt retires


Successful practical testing of new-generation cavity-block moulds

Customer oriented business strategy – Impulse for modern mould construction

New generation of hollow block moulds presented


New brand and product strategy for mould construction

New possibilities for precision and hardness – Techniques of modern mould construction

Custom-made Design –Individuality in Modern Mould Design

Pioneering innovation – technologies in modern mould construction

15 years of moulds for the concrete block industry


Top 100 – distinction for specialist in mould construction


KOBRA Formen GmbH was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Lengenfeld, Germany. As a worldwide leading manufacturer, KOBRA develops and produces high-quality special moulds for the concrete block industry. KOBRA offers its customers technologically first-class quality products, creative design services and sound service for optimum, economic production processes. KOBRA occupies a leading position in technology and competition.

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