Masa GmbH, 56626 Andernach, Germany

Infraset puts a further block making machine into production

In spring 2010 Masa GmbH received an order from the Infraset company to supply a complete block making machine to South Africa. This is Infraset’s second Masa machine following the first in 2004. Infraset is a business unit of the Aveng Group, which operates globally as a construction group and is involved on top of that in mining and steelworking. Infraset supplies the most diverse products in the ‘landscape products’ segment, e.g. paving stones, roofing tiles, masonry materials, railway sleepers, etc. The manufacture of decorative paving and masonry materials has been expanded with the new works in the Johannesburg region of South Africa. The reasons for the expansion were an intensified demand on the part of customers for high-quality products, which could no longer be covered by the first plant alone. Due to this fact, Infraset decided to expand production in order to be able to manufacture large numbers of high-quality concrete products.

Masa GmbH
Masa-Str. 2
56626 Andernach, Germany
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Masa-Str. 2
56626 Andernach

T +49 2632 9292 0
F +49 2632 9292 11