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Jasto reacts to capacity limits with new concrete block making machine for pumice concrete block …

… production When Jakob Stockschläder GmbH & Co. KG, or Jasto for short, reached the limits of its capacity for the production of pumice concrete blocks, despite three-shift operation, the decision was taken in September 2013 to extensively modernise this area of production. Up to that time these products had been produced on two older concrete block making machines in a common hall. Due to the strong increase in demand, Jasto replaced the two old machines by a new plant with a higher performance, which will secure long-term growth for the company. As its partner Jasto selected the locally-based Masa GmbH, which was commissioned to supply the new concrete block making machine as well as further components. Together with Jasto, Masa constructed a high-performance production line which has created the required capacities for the desired long-term growth.

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