Kaspar Röckelein KG, 96179 Rattelsdorf, Germany

Röckelein focuses firmly on growth – their recent floor element manufacturing system is followed… a brand-new concrete block production line The Röckelein family business has been competing successfully on the market for 70 years, developing and producing high-quality con- struction materials from concrete. Röckelein manufactures its products at four locations: Wachenroth (head office), Rattelsdorf and Altendorf in the greater Bamberg area (Bavaria) plus Osterfeld (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany. In 2012, an entire new floor element production facility was erected. Röckelein has been able to streamline its work processes for this product area and has succeeded in making them much more effi- cient since moving its floor element production from its site at Wachenroth to its Rattelsdorf location about 45 km away. The site at Rattelsdorf possesses a gravel pit from which all aggregates for their own production lines can be extracted. The aggregate silo is filled directly from the gravel production facility using crusher and sorting systems. A full report on this appeared in CPI 4/2013. The site is very well suited for this type of production since a concrete block making facility with high output needs large quantities of raw materials. Röckelein showed foresight in 2012 by constructing not just a hall with sufficient space for the new floor element production line. In fact, it built a two-bay hall, whose second bay has now been commissioned for the new concrete block production line. Röckelein awarded the con- tract to Masa, a company from Andernach, Germany, for planning and erecting this new, fully-automated and energy-efficient concrete block making system. As regards the mixing technology, Röckelein has once again put its faith in Liebherr as with the floor elements; KBH installed a finishing line for curling and ageing; Rotho supplied their entire programme for the new concrete block line.

Kaspar Röckelein KG
Baustoffwerk Ebing
Bamberger Str. 181
96179 Rattelsdorf, Germany
T +49 9544 94900
F +49 9544 949050

Eckart Holz GmbH
Kallbachstrasse 48
36088 Hünfeld-Michelsrombach, Germany
T +49 6652 2577
F +49 6652 5555

KBH Baustoffwerke Gebhart & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG
Einöde 2
87760 Lachen, Germany
T +49 8331 950347
F +49 8331 950340

Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH
Im Elchgrund 12
88427 Bad Schussenried, Germany
T +49 7583 9490
F +49 7583 949399

Masa GmbH
Masa-Straße 2
56626 Andernach, Germany
T +49 2632 92920
F +49 2632 929211

Robert Thomas Metall- und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG
Hellerstraße 6
57290 Neunkirchen, Germany
F +49 2735 788 559

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Masa-Str. 2
56626 Andernach

T +49 2632 9292 0
F +49 2632 9292 11