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Masa GmbH, 56626 Andernach, Germany

Saint-Gobain Weber’s concrete block plant in Finland starts up again after serious fire damage

Saint-Gobain Weber has a production site for the production of Leca concrete blocks in the Finnish town of Oitti. The concrete plant was equipped only a few years ago with modern and high-performance production equipment by the Masa company from Andernach, Germany. Through a chain of unfortunate circumstances – a short-circuit in one of the wheel loaders parked in the production hall was the cause – a large fire broke out in July 2011 that completely destroyed the entire plant. Only the concrete silos for the aggregates survived the fire. The Oitti site was designed for two-shift, all-year-round operation and accordingly produced large numbers of Leca concrete blocks. A second block plant in Oitti then ramped up to three-shift operation in order to compensate the sudden lack of capacities. Nevertheless the result- ing gap had to be closed as fast as possible by the reconstruction of the plant. Following the clearing up work, only the foundations and the concrete silos remained from the burnt-down concrete plant. Everything else had to be rebuilt promptly: a well-insulated production hall for continuous operation, even in winter, as well as a new concrete block production line including mixer and dosing technology. As the main supplier for the mechanical engineering, the Masa company was once again commissioned to install a complete production line. Saint- Gobain Weber’s declared goal of already being able to resume production in midsummer in June 2012 was a big challenge for everyone involved, especially due to the long, cold winter in Finland. Nevertheless the first concrete block was produced before the expiry of this tight deadline. Thanks to meticulous planning and modern production machines of the latest generation, it was even possible to increase the capacity of the concrete plant in Oitti.



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