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Investment in a new electric control and safety technology pays off

ShinHeung Concrete currently produce various types of concrete pipes from DN 300 up to DN 1500 for sewerage and drainage on 3 Radial Presses (RP) at 2 locations (ShinHeung & Hans) in the southwest of South Korea. ShinHeung factory operates two older Radial Presses RP 1230 (built in 1979) and RP 830 (built in 1992). At Hans Co. factory the latest fully automatic Radial Press RP 1630, which was commissioned in 2020, incl. the Prinzing Pfeiffer visualization system type “Karajan”, the QCS (quick-change system) for a fast and safe size change, base pallet handling and pipe test lines.


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Emerging from long-established family enterprises, the TOPWERK GROUP is a german provider of machines and equipment for the concrete products industry. As a major supplier with over 850 employees the TOPWERK GROUP has subsidiaries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Middle East.

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