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Excluton replaces three concrete block making machines within just three years

The Excluton company of Druten, one of the major manufacturers of concrete products in the Netherlands, has a whole series of garden designs and decorations for the outdoor area. The range includes products made of concrete, natural stone and ceramics. Whether they are classic or modern, elegant or outlandish, inexpensive or exclusive – but contemporary across the board – only high-quality products are adopted into the product range. Excluton consistently relies on modern machine technology in order to be able to ensure this quality at all times. The replacement of three existing concrete block making machines by three new ones within just three years underlines this aspiration. The Hess company from the Topwerk Group was selected in all three cases as the supplier of the new concrete block making machines. The standard high-performance machine from Hess, the RH 2000-3 MVA, was selected three times. New board magazines and conveying sections up to the elevator were also supplied with the machines. The existing finger cars were fitted with new controllers and drive systems.

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