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25 and 26 November 2018
 ICCX Middle East 2018 – save the date!

Central European Concrete Industry Meeting
 ICCX Central Europe 2018

International Concrete Conference & Exhibition
 ICCX Russia 2018 – save the date!


Aircrete Europe, 7575 ED Oldenzaal, The Netherlands
 Aircrete Group appoints Ralf Beier as Managing Director for Aircrete Europe

Coote Engineering Ltd., Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland
 40 Years in Business

Investment volume of 1600 billion euros planned in the next 30 years
 Intermat launches the first international observatory for the construction industry in the EMEA …

New book: The 30 most important European (EN) tests: cement, aggregate, mortar, concrete
 Concrete testing compact

12th ICCBP, 16.-19. October 2018, Seoul Korea
 International Conference on Concrete Block Paving

BIBM The European Federation for Precast Concrete, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
 Precast concrete‘s contribution to the energy transition


MCT Italy Srl, 06084 Bettona (PG), Italy
 New batching plant for the production of prestressed concrete elements in Vietnam

Teka Maschinenbau GmbH, 67480 Edenkoben, Germany
 Powering up Hinkley Point C with ‘nuclear concrete’

Le Officine Riunite – Udine S.p.A. (Le ORU), 33030 Basaldella di Campoformido (Udine), Italy
 Experience and Innovation at the Service of the Precast and Building Industry

Substantial development
 Self-compacting fibre concrete

An alternative binder
 Ground coal bottom ash assessment as a binder in common Portland cements

Quality control of concrete manufacture and construction
 Durability assessment of concrete members using in-situ or laboratory- based test methods

Practical application experience
 Properties of geopolymer concrete

Architectural concrete off the rail
 Can the “façades handicraft” be exported?


Redi-Rock International, Charlevoix, MI 49720, USA
 Two Drycasters Find Reward in the Risk of Transitioning to Wetcast

Masa GmbH, 56626 Andernach, Germany
 Blokbims relies on a reliable partnership

Rampf Formen GmbH, 89,604 Allmendingen, Germany
 Mould upper part centring devices for the avoidance of centring errors in concrete blocks with …

Probst GmbH, 71729 Erdmannhausen, Germany
 Long-life installation of concrete paving

Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH, 57290 Neunkirchen, Germany
 Advanced Upgrade for Compact Concrete Block Machine

Kobra Formen GmbH, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany
 Bolted individual plungers – a solution for all paving products

Topwerk Hess Group GmbH, 57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany
 Viastein starts up new plant in eastern Hungary

Besser Company, Alpena, Michigan 49707, USA
 Seeing is Believing

Wasa Compound GmbH & Co. KG, 98617 Neubrunn, Germany
 Reconfiguring concrete slabs manufactured using the hermetic production process and combining them …

IAB Weimar gGmbH, 99428 Weimar, Germany
 Optical Quality Monitoring in Paving Block Production


Colle S.p.A., 32020 Lentiai (Belluno), Italy
 Individual monolithic concrete manhole bases up to DN 2000

habermann materials GmbH, 58454 Witten, Germany
 Forklift gripper strips for protecting concrete pipes

Schlüsselbauer Technology, Gaspoltshofen, Austria
 Market Success Drives Capacity Expansion and Automation

BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH, 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany
 CS-Beton expands product range

American Concrete Pipe Association, Irving, Texas 75063-2595, USA
 Self-consolidating concrete adds to the versatility of products offered at concrete pipe plants


Bianchi Casseforme srl, 43045 Fornovo di Taro (PR), Italy
 Tilting Table for the United Kingdom

Eurobend GmbH, 90461 Nürnberg, Germany
 New mesh welding line at the WIRE 2018 in Dusseldorf

Progress Group GmbH, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
 Lithonplus uses new production method for the manufacture of L-shaped retaining walls

Nordimpianti System Srl, 66100 Chieti, Italy
 SPC Industries kick off the production of a new type of hollow core slabs

Construx b.v.b.a., 8531 Hulste, Belgium
 All-in-one solution for precast winding stairs

B.T. innovation GmbH, 39116 Magdeburg, Germany
 Strong and waterproof connection

CBE Group, 37550 Saint Avertin, France
 Innovative technical gallery project: Segment moulds and a carousel plant delivered to Chengdu, …

Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH, 74189 Weinsberg, Germany
 Brazilian Marna Pré-fabricados modernises stair production

Max-truder GmbH, 39116 Magdeburg, Germany
 German start-up delivers first manufacturing unit to Thailand

Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH+Co.KG, 72358 Dormettingen, Germany
 Retrofit – making quality elements that are as good as new from old pallets or formwork profiles

mbk Maschinenbau GmbH, 88353 Kisslegg, Germany
 One machine – many cage geometries

Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH, 72631 Aichtal, Germany
 The use of concrete pumps in precast plants

Elematic, 37801 Akaa, Finland
 New plotter enables fast and accurate plotting

Tomorrow's precast industry
 How will precast concrete elements and the associated building and production processes look …

Filigree Construction Method with Potential for the Future – Part 2
 Profitability analysis for precast garages with textile AR fibre glass reinforcement


Schwing GmbH, 44653 Herne, Germany
 La Réunion is building a motorway over the sea

Platz, 71717 Beilstein, Germany
 Meichle + Mohr GmbH invests in new cleaning system

Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH, 88427 Bad Schussenried, Germany
 50 years of truck mixers


Save the date
 5th International fib Congress 2018, Melbourne, Australia

13-15 June 2018, Milan/Lecco, Italy
 Italian Concrete Days –  Structural Concrete Today

Densification defines Africa’s urban trends and infrastructure in 2018
 6th African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo

December 11 to 14, 2018, Gurgaon/Delhi, India
 bauma CONEXPO India

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