Mobile residual concrete recycling plant with winterequipment for Russian concrete factory

Bibko Umwelttechnik & Beratung GmbH, 71717 Beilstein, Germany

Cooperation between the Heidelberg Cement Group and Bibko Umwelttechnik & Beratung GmbH has led to a successful result. Among others, a mobile recycling plant with a winter package has recently been delivered to a concrete factory in North-West Russia. The company group Industry PetroBeton (Heidelberg Cement Group) in St. Petersburg, Russia, uses a recycling plant made by Bibko from Beilstein in Germany for residual quantities of concrete and the water that remains after washing out the ready-mix concrete trucks.

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Bibko Umwelttechnik & Beratung GmbH Heidelberg Cement Group Steinbeisstraße 1-2 71717 Beilstein, Germany T +49 7062 92640 OOO Industry Petrobeton St. Krupskoj 40 192148 St. Petersburg, Russia T +7 812 3465807 F +7 812 3465809


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