Start of manufacture of PCCPs (Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes) for long-term water supplies in

Schluesselbauer Technology GmbH&CoKG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

Future-oriented water management is one of the most strategically significant economic issues in the Gulf state of Oman. It includes, on the one hand, the creation of infrastructure for overcoming a few concentrated intense rain events. The growing requirements with regard to the daily mobility of people and commodities do not permit public life to come to a standstill several times a year as a result of heavy rainfall. On the other hand, in a country which is extremely exposed to the elements with growing conurbations such as Oman, providing reliable drinking water supplies constitutes a financially, technically and also politically demanding task. The cost-effectiveness of concrete pressure pipes for drinking water transportation compared, for example, to steel or cast-iron pipes was crucial for making an investment in the com- pletely new manufacture of concrete pressure pipes prepared in an exemplary manner, as well as a legislative act. In addition to conven- tional concrete pipes for surface water management, concrete pressure pipes will now also be manufactured in a new factory with an oper- ating pressure of up to 25 bar for future drinking water projects.

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