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Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

Introduction of Schlüsselbauer’s Perfect Pipe at BAUMA 2010 attracted much attention and interest because it was the first time the market saw a sewage pipe that combined the advantages of a robust concrete pipe with a resistant, high-density plastic inliner in one product. It also received attention because Perfect Pipe also demonstrated a high static load capacity and durability, even under intensified chemical attacks. Since its introduction, Schlüsselbauer has worked hard to perfect the automation and manufacturing process, resulting in increased efficiency. The company’s new, sophisticated and automated production process has made the manufacturing of Perfect Pipe considerably more cost-effective than pipe made of other materials, which has enabled producers to offer more attractive market prices. And since Schlüsselbauer’s first Perfect Pipe machine was installed and commissioned at Müller’s concrete plant in Breisach, Germany about a year ago, the system has been even further improved under actual concrete plant conditions. Until the installation of Schlüsselbauer’s Perfect Pipe in Breisach, Müller’s main production focus had been in the manhole sector, where Müller was also one of the first producers to offer monolithic manhole bases using Schlüsselbauer’s Perfect manufacturing process. When more and more of Müller’s customers began requesting concrete pipe that correspond with their Perfect manhole bases, the company began thinking about getting into the concrete pipe business. Timing of Müller’s consideration to enter the concrete pipe market happened to coin- cide with Schlüsselbauer’s introduction of Perfect Pipe as a new cast concrete pipe, with or without inliners. With careful consideration, and already being convinced by Schlüsselbauer’s manufacturing concept, Müller decided that producing Perfect Pipe would be their next logical step in fulfilling their customer needs and the company’s next pillar for future growth.

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