New block machine concept proven to be successful in the Republic of Kosovo

Rekers GmbH, 48480 Spelle, Germany

The Balkan war of the 1990’s left a trail of human suffering and material devastation. Many that had left everything behind have returned to their towns and villages now that peace has been restored and are proudly rebuilding their new country – the Republic of Kosovo. Many of those that returned did so with new skills, a spirit of entrepreneurship and a desire to make a real difference. They included Mr Samir Rexha and his partner Ms Anne-Katrin Beuthel who returned from Germany in 1999. They founded their construction company REXHA in 2000. The company has successfully carried out many public works projects such as schools, hospitals, offices, etc as well as roads, bridges and pedestrian precincts. The company has more than 90 employees.

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