SPC Industries Malaysia, chooses Italian technology for the production off pre-stressed hollow core

Nordimpianti System Srl, 66100 Chieti (CH), Italy

SPC Industries is the manufacturing unit of the construction company Kimlun, market leader in the Malaysian/Singapore real estate sector. SPC Industries is based in Johor Bahru close to the border of Singapore. Founded in 2002 SPC Industries is today without a doubt a refer- ence point of prefabrication in the whole region. The main products are concrete precast tunnel elements, concrete pipes, ready mix, seg- mental box girder, concrete culvert box sections and now also pre-stressed hollow core slabs. SPC Industries exports more than 90 % of its precast production to Singapore.

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Nordimpianti System Srl Via Piaggio Erasmo, 19/A 66100 Chieti (CH), Italy T +39 0871 540222 F +39 0871 562408 info@nordimpianti.com www.nordimpianti.com SPC Industries SDN BHD 21M/S, Jalan Pontian, 81150 Ulu Choh, Johor, Malaysia T + 60 7-699 6208 /+ 60 16-771 6208 F + 60 7-699 4137 info@spcind.com www.spcind.com


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