Working time advantage due to extendedrange of functions in Strakon 5.3

Dicad Systeme GmbH, 51149 Koeln, Germany

Strakon from Dicad is a tried and tested CAD system for structural design. The user-friendly functions mean that our clients can design all kinds of project categories from the single family home to industrial or large bridge constructions, the “LTU” arena in Düsseldorf or the Zahme valley bridge in Gera. Strakon is also making Dicad more competitive internationally because this software not only complies with DIN standards but also with the significant Western European reinforced concrete construction standards, such as BAEL, British standard 8666 or the American ASA standard. Strakon customers are already active on the international scene e.g. the German office for Dubai or the Ukraine and the Indian client for America, Japan or Australia.

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DICAD Systeme GmbH Theodor-Heuss-Str. 92–100 51149 Köln, GERMANY T +49 2203 93130 F +49 2203 9313199


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