Record breaking concrete pump delivered to Poland

CIFA SpA, 20030 Senago (Mi), Italy

In 2011, Cifa presented in China their K80H model with an 80m arm, having seven sections in total and the last four of them consisting of Carbon. This pump earned the honor of an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records at that time. The field tests performed during the whole of 2012 gave evidence of reliability and robustness unmatched. And in December 2013, the first Cifa K80H was delivered to Poland, marking an European record for Pompbet, the proud customer. No one else in Europe has the capability to pump in such heights. "I am very proud having purchased this concrete pump, not only because it is the tallest ever sold in Europe, but because it is a high technology machine, and it can travel without difficulty not only in Poland but throughout Europe" said Dariusz Strębski, founder and director of Pompbet during the event of delivery of the machine.

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