Investment in new wetcast and drycast lines pays off for Austria Beton Werk

Wasa GmbH, 64756 Mossautal, Germany

As one of the most important manufacturers of concrete block products in Slovakia, Austria Beton Werk (ABW) from Králová pri Senci decided in summer 2012 to increase the quality of its products still further. It was clear to the owner and managing director, Mr Josef Lasak, that this step could only be achieved using new boards: “We had already made a good choice with our Hess RH 1500 concrete block machine and were able to attain high accuracies in the formwork block product range. However, in order to further reduce these already small block height tolerances, we decided to replace the softwood boards that we had been using up to now. After tests of the most diverse types of board, our choice fell on the product that was best for us: the Wasa Uniplast® Ultra glass fibre reinforced plastic board.”

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