Seven Steps to Assure the Quality and Reliability of Rheological Measurements on Cement-Based ...

Choice of Rheometer, Equations and Models

… Materials – Part 1 During the last decades, rheology is more and more applied in the investigation and evaluation of cement-based materials. While the impor- tance of rheology has risen considerably, the quality of the rheological measurements must be guaranteed at all times. Due to the complexity of rheological measurements on cement-based materials, several errors can occur that will negatively influence the outcome of the measure- ments. In this paper series, seven steps to assure the quality and reliability of rheological measurements are discussed. This paper focuses on the geometry of the rheometer, the transformation to shear stress and shear rate values with different rheological models and the influ- ence of the choice of the rheological model on the yield stress value. The next article discusses the influence of thixotropy, plug flow and particle migration on the measurements, the choice of shear rate range and the presence of aggregates and fibers. The measurement of thixotropy is also briefly introduced in the next paper.

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