New concrete release agents on the market

MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG, 46238 Bottrop, Germany

Within its Ortolan range of concrete release agents, MC-Bauchemie has introduced four new product categories into the marketplace – Ortolan Classic, Extra, Premium and Bio, each offering its own specific performance characteristics and application suitabilities. MC has also invested in the development of biodegradable concrete release agents such as Ortolan Classic 711 or Ortolan Bio 755, both of which com- bine good separating properties with high environmental compatibility. The portfolio is completed by a series of new mixer protection prod- ucts under the Intaktin brand. These developments from MC mean that users now have a wider choice and can be more accurate and selec- tive in applying the right release agent to each specific application while at the same time providing the best possible protection and preser- vation for their formwork, tools and equipment.

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