WWTP Upgrade Gets Crystalline Waterproofing Protection

Xypex Chemical Corporation, Richmond BC, Canada

As part of a larger sanitary sewer improvements project, Alliance Water Resources is constructing the Sandfort Creek Lift Station in St. Charles, Mo., for East Central Missouri Water and Sewer Authority (ECMWSA), a not-for-profit corporation formed by Public Water Supply District #2 of St. Charles County to provide water and sewer utility services to areas in Missouri’s St. Charles and Warren Counties where municipal service is unavailable. The addition of crystalline waterproofing technology to a concrete mix at the time of batching makes the concrete waterproof and protects against sulfate attack and microbial induced corrosion. The technology works within the concrete to improve durability by filling and plugging the pores, capillaries and micro-cracks with a non-soluble, highly resistant crystalline formation. Wherever water can penetrate the concrete, the crystalline formation will follow forming an integral and permanent part of the structure.

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