Full range of 3D installation components in online catalogue

Philipp GmbH, 63741 Aschaffenburg/Germany

It is difficult to imagine modern prefabricated construction work without installation components. At the same time, more and more possi- bilities are being generated for fastening, connecting, transporting, etc. the same components. It also involves added planning complexity in both designing and dimensioning them. Design engineers are increasingly having recourse to engineering in the 3rd dimension and creat- ing models of precast components displaying their geometry, reinforcement and installation components. Structural engineers are, however, only able to invest just a little time in creating such components. Since, in fact, the work does take a fair amount of time, it is then lacking at other points due to tightly held project schedules. It often happens that in-house library reference sources are created – but not passed consistently down the line – for building up one uniform standard in an office. With the aim of supporting design engineers, Philipp now provides a comprehensive online catalogue of its product portfolio concerning transport and assembly systems.

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