Part 1/2: Dosing systems for color pigments – which is the right system?

Huntsman Pigments and Additives, 65396 Walluf, Germany

The task of coloring concrete products is seemingly simple at first glance, but it is not solely determined by the selection of the appropriate types of pigment, such as powder, liquid, granular, or compact pigments (1; 2). Each of these different types of pigment offers a mix of char- acteristics which have a significant influence – directly or indirectly – on the production process, the technical possibilities and ultimately the quality of the color of the concrete products being produced (3,4,6). When a pigment form is selected, the dosing system to be used is decisively determined and a trend-setting number of points is often associated with the selection of a color dosing system . In the first part of this two-part article, BWI 2-2016 presents different dosing systems. In the next issue of BWI, current trends in the coloring of concrete will be examined.

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