Tubobel in Belgium modernises its production with a new radial press

Topwerk Prinzing-Pfeiffer GmbH, 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany

The Belgian company Tubobel NV has equipped its plant in Tessenderlo for the future and completed a further modernisation step with a new radial press. The choice fell on a radial press type RP 1630 from Prinzing-Pfeiffer GmbH of Blaubeuren, Germany, a Topwerk Group company. In doing so, Tubobel has invested twice in machines from the Topwerk Group within a short space of time. A concrete block making machine type RH 2000 from the Hess Group, which similarly belongs to the Topwerk Group, has very recently gone into operation at another location where concrete products for garden and landscape construction are mainly produced. The decision to invest in the new RP 1630 radial press from Prinzing-Pfeifer was preceded by an analysis of the pipe making machines currently available on the market. Ultimately, the radial press from Prinzing-Pfeifer convinced in several points and the choice was made. The managing director of Tubobel, Mr Luc Lemmens, was supported by Mr Roel van Osnabrugge from the company rosseco bvba of Roeselare, Belgium as project partner. Rosseco is Prinzing-Pfeifer's representative in the Benelux countries.

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TUBOBEL N.V. Albertkade 4 3980 Tessenderlo, Belgium T +32 13 67 07 10 F +32 13 67 07 11 info@tubobel.be www.tubobel.be Prinzing-Pfeiffer GmbH Zum Weißen Jura 3 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany T +49 7344 1720 F +49 7344 17280 info@prinzing-pfeiffer.de www.prinzing-pfeiffer.de rosseco bvba Tasscheweg 21 8800 Roeselare, Belgium T +32 51 24 64 84, F +32 51 24 65 84 osnabrugge@skynet.be, www.rosseco.eu Construx b.v.b.a. Hazebeekstraat 11, 8531 Hulste, Belgium T +32 89 328855, F +32 89 328866 info@construx.be, www.construx.be


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