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Teltronik Computer Control, GP Steuerungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH, 14513 Teltow, Germany

Quality improvement in concrete block production by upgrading software with moisture dosage …

… operation When producing concrete blocks, earth-moist concretes with moisture contents of approximately 5 to 12 % are required. Hitherto, controls for concrete block mixing plants are designed in such a fashion that for the individual components of the mix – aggregates, cement, water, and additives - clearly defined recipe input values exist that will subsequently govern the production process.

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Teltronik Computer Control
Part of GP Steuerungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH
Ruhlsdorfer Straße 100, 14513 Teltow, Germany
T +49 3328 456 0, F +49 3328 456 251
teltomat@gp.ag, www.teltronik.de

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