Two Functions – One Product

The Duplex Block

Environmentally-friendly construction work can only be considered a success if architecture and physics are optimally harmonised with each other in the planning stage. Construction technology can only make any substantial contribution to lowering energy requirements through the targeted utilisation of elements with integrated functions, such as a combination of insulating and load-bearing materials. The current means of manufacturing dimensionally accurate double concrete masonry units (Fig.1) requires both a defined retention period in a production plant so that individual components can harden and time-consuming post-processing in order to achieve their specified final dimensions. With the aim of improving product quality with dimensionally accurate double concrete masonry units as well as optimising overall production costs, IAB Weimar gGmbH and Knauer Engineering GmbH Industrieanlagen & Co. KG have set the goal of developing a new type of block-making machine. This device should be able to process several zero-slump concrete mixes – Fresh on Fresh – in a mould into a multi-functional block by utilising an innovative vertical manufacturing method. In this process, emphasis has been laid on rapid cycle sequence and the green state strength specified after the product has been demoulded.

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