Feiner invests in new mixing technology for concrete paving slabs production

Teka Maschinenbau GmbH, 67480 Edenkoben, Germany

The current Feiner Betonwerk GmbH und Co. KG standards have developed from the traditional passion for concrete and natural stone. In its third generation and firmly in the hands of one family, Feiner has produced exclusive cast stone for private and commercial outdoor areas with enthusiasm and creativity since 1953: slabs, steps, special elements and designer objects. As a future-oriented family-owned company, classical craft work is combined with high-tech. Feiner relies on highly flexible production technologies from renowned manufacturers. And the long-term, experienced employees guarantee the professionalism and quality that distinguishes Feiner nationally. In order to meet the high requirements for concrete quality in the long-term, Feiner replaced the entire mixing technology at the turn of the year. The long-term supply of quality concrete to the slab press is ensured by two new Teka turbine mixers as key components. The decisive arguments for the Teka high-performance turbine mixers were the opportunity to manufacture a large variety of products and the very large variability of mix sizes. The Teka turbine mixers will be adapted to individual requirements and specified in accordance with the special mixing task.

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