Concrete prefabrication in Ukraine in partnership with “made in Italy” machinery for moulds …

Bianchi Casseforme srl, 43045 Fornovo di Taro (PR), Italy

… and concrete distribution ZZBK1, one of the biggest precast manufacturers in the Kiev area, renews his production facilities with Bianchi Casseforme equipments and Structurama engineering know-how. Private Joint Stock Company PJSC «Plant of Reinforced Concrete Construction N° 1 (better known as ZZBK1) today produces a wide range of concrete and reinforced concrete elements. The production capacities of the plant allows to produce in the shortest possible time the quantity of production necessary to meet the needs of the customer. Concrete and mortar production lines allow the production of all existing grades of concrete and mortar. The production capacities of ZZBK1 plant allows for the production of all types of reinforced concrete elements and structures. The range of products satisfies the needs of the most demanding customers.

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Private Joint Stock Company PJSC Plant of Reinforced Concrete Construction N° 1 – ZZBK1 Budindustrii St, 5, Kyiv, 02000, Ukraine T +380 44285 8611 Bianchi Casseforme srl Via G. Di Vittorio,42 43045 Fornovo di Taro (PR), Italy T +39 0525 400511 F +39 0525 400512 STRUCTURAMA ITA Via Italia 197 20874 Busnago (MI), Italy T +39 039 6095648 Portugalskyy A.L. FOP Yelizavety Chavdar 1, app. 138 UA 01001, Kyiv, Ukraine T +380 50 3673088


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