Breaking into the cold environment of Alberta with new tower batch plant for Tanks-A-Lot Ltd.

Marcantonini Concrete Technology Italy S.r.l., 06084 Bettona, Italy

Alberta, Canada, experienced one of the worst economic crisis periods during the last 8 years. The oil and gas industry, an important sector of the economy, is going through a period of radical changes with new legislation regarding pollution and environment protection. Although the government offered help, their main focus has been to increase investments. Unemployment rates were at the worst level in 30 years. Despite these harsh economic conditions Tanks A Lot’s decision to invest to upgrade its plant was a beneficial move. The purchase of their new precast production plant is the proof that business’ believe investments will result in a better more lucrative future.

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Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. #100 – 53251 RR232 Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4V2, Canada T +1 780 472 8265 Marcantonini Concrete Technology Italy S.r.l. (MCT) Via Perugia, 105 06084 Bettona (PG), Italy T +39 075 988 551 F +39 075 988 5533


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