New prefabricated construction method for energy self-sufficient building

InnoLiving Show House

Differing possibilities for storing thermal energy have been and are being investigated in the course of various research projects. This work links up with previous developments for distributing energy in buildings. Viewed in the overall context, it is an issue of collecting, storing and distributing thermal energy. Developments can be deemed successful when evidence of their utilisation on a sustainable and economic basis can be seen in daily operations. The construction of the InnoLiving show house on the premises of Innogration GmbH in Bernkastel-Kues follows this objective. A small office building with an area of approx. 60 m² will in future be employed as a workplace for trainees and students on cooperative courses at Innogration GmbH. Several new developments can be found in this building. The intention behind this project is to prove that energy self-sufficient buildings can be erected and also be operated today with a great deal of comfort for users.

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