What is a constructible process?

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We might think that anything that can be built is constructible. A truly constructible process, however, includes much more than that. When we think about constructability, it’s not always clear what exactly it means. Anything that can be built is constructible, right? Not exactly. A truly constructible process is based on shared data and seamless communication. Each stakeholder and aspect works together in real time, and the workflow is based on accurate, digital machine-readable BIM data that lives and develops along with the project and corresponds to the building being built. Constructability is not just about the ability to build—in fact, it extends far beyond the model and its data— but rather, it’s about making projects and processes as smooth, fast, error-free, collaborative and cost-effective as possible. What’s more, workflows and historical data and can be used from project to project for better overall results.

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