Four huge precast factories in China equipped with Italian advanced reinforcement machinery

AWM Spa, 33010 Magnano in Riviera (Ud), Italy

The urbanization process currently underway in China is unique in history – both in terms of scale and speed. In the growing metropolitan areas affordable housing is in high demand and the prefabricated building system is the preferred construction method. Giant Chinese real estate developer My Home Group recently awarded AWM Spa to equip four new precast factories. The Italian manufacturer of high-quality machinery will deliver altogether 16 machines for the processing and handling of two main reinforcement elements needed for filigree slabs and double walls. Four machines have already been successfully put into operation at the first plant; the other twelve machines are currently being assembled.

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AWM S.p.A. SS13, Km 146, 33010 Magnano in Riviera (Ud), Italy T +39 0432 780311,


22.02.2024 - 24.02.2024
28.02.2024 - 29.02.2024