Sustainability lives on transparency

EPD-verified raw materials for construction products support accurate building life-cycle assessments

Since recently, all iron oxide pigments manufactured at its Krefeld-Uerdingen site in Germany, Lanxess has been offering environmental product declarations verified by the German Institute for Construction and the Environment (IBU) since the beginning of the year. These make it easier for construction product manufacturers to more accurately determine the environmental impact of their products. And in the near future, the specialty chemicals company is also set to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its granulated iron oxide yellow pigments by using “green” sodium hydroxide. All these measures are designed to make it easier for customers and, for example, manufacturers of concrete building materials and products, to implement a more sustainable product strategy along the value chain.

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Dr. Alexander Röder, Managing Director of the German Institute for Construction and the Environment (IBU), Berlin, Germany Frank Lueckgen, Head of Marketing in Lanxess’s Inorganic Pigments business unit, Cologne, Germany LANXESS Deutschland GmbH BU Inorganic Pigments / Global Marketing T +49 221 8885 5641


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