Economic manufacture of concrete blocks inconstant high quality

Peri GmbH, 89264 Weißenhorn, Germany

The industrial production of concrete products places high demands on the manufacturing plants used. The goal is to achieve a constant high quality over a period of many years, even for high throughput rates. For this reason the Peri Pave production pallet, with its outstanding properties, has been a reliable element of international concrete block production for ten years. Pave slabs are available in thicknesses between 24 and 53 mm up to a slab size of 1,500 x 3,600 mm.

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PERI GmbH Schalung Gerüst Engineering Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 19, 89264 Weißenhorn, Germany T +49 7309 950 4270, F +49 7309 951 4270


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