Widia-equipped vibration table and anviledge strips for constant product quality

Gerhard Warning Verschleißtechnik und Industrieprodukte GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany

The heart of every block making machine is the vibration table, which, depending on the manufacturer, usually takes the form of a heavy, boxshaped welded construction. This unit also supports the vibration motors and is mounted on rubber-bonded metal elements. The vibration table edge strips are firmly connected above the vibration table. In addition, 3 – 4 anvil edge strips (depending on the manufacturer) are arranged between the vibration table edge strips, but these are firmly connected to the machine frame and lie approximately 1 mm deeper than the vibration table edge strips. The vibration table of every block making machine works up to 6 times per minute, depending on the product, whereby 300 kN vibration force acts each time on the concrete to bring it into shape. Decisive for the product quality is that the vibration table and anvil edge strips are level-surfaced.

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