CRC – Applications of Fibre ReinforcedHigh Performance Concrete

Modern precast concrete technology

CRC (Compact Reinforced Composite) is the designation for a special type of fibre reinforced concrete with high strength (150 - 400 MPa) developed in 1986. CRC is typically used with a combination of steel fibres and conventional rebars. Properties are discussed with emphasis on durability and fire resistance. These properties are becoming increasingly important as high quality materials are utilised in making very slender structures. For the last 10 years CRC has been used in structural applications and typically for precast elements such as balcony slabs and staircases. A few examples of applications are shown and some of the considerations that were made in moving from the research phase to a marketing phase and finding applications are described. Finally some of the aspects related to production and starting up a new product in the market are discussed.

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