New CAD software based on Autodesk Revit Structure for planning precast concrete elements

IDAT GmbH, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

Revit is a modern and innovative BIM software from Autodesk for the complete planning and analysis of processes in architecture, building services and support structure planning. The Autodesk company has been the undisputed worldwide market leader in the CAD segment for two decades with its AutoCAD program. Autodesk Revit will play an important role in future alongside AutoCAD and has already captured a leading position in the market for BIM-orientated planning processes. The reason for the success of Revit lies in its ease of use and com- plete functionality. Revit is capable of combining all planning processes and phases of all trades involved in a single BIM-orientated process. The next step is the adaptation and automation of certain processes, in order to generate a further increase in value for the user through the use of Revit. The focus here is on engineering performances as well as the support of production processes. For this, Autodesk makes inten- sive use of the experience of external partners from the respective fields in order to ensure the most target-orientated and practice-orien- tated implementation possible.

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