Durability of concrete structures

The capability of mineral-based coating systemsto protect wastewater systems

Modern anti-corrosion systems on the basis of high density cement mortar have now achieved the highest resistances to chemical attacks by acids and salts and physical attacks by frost, as well as the highest impermeability to carbonatation and the penetration of chlorides. Only in the region of strong biogenic acid corrosion with pH values permanently under 4 are mineral-based polymer silicates are to be preferred, as they demonstrate virtually absolute resistance in an acidic environment. This article will deal first with the theoretical principles as well as the areas of use of mineral-based anti-corrosion systems on the basis of cement or polymer silicate respectively in wastewater systems. In addition, by way of example, an examination to prove the quality of the application of a mortar protection system for a wastewater system, carried out 13 years ago in Germany, will be presented along with two applications of polymer silicates in Singapore and Russia.

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