A unique facade made of Light Transmitting Concrete in Abu Dhabi

Lighting Show

Due to its rapid Growth the Arabic Emirate of Abu Dhabi is considered to be among the most modern cities of the world. Its impressive high-rise towers and architectural distinctive buildings partly with Arabic Elements along with the generously expanded roads and highways distinctive characterize the cityscape Part of such buildings are a large number of newly constructed magnificent Mosques such as for example the Al Aziz Mosque which has been finished at the end of 2014. The Architect of this project are the reputable APG Architecture and Planning Group who are responsible for many prominent projects in UAE and in the Arab World. With this new Mosque APG have introduced innovative and new ideas and concepts in the use of Light Transmitting Concrete technology for the construction of unique and distinguished facades. The Al Aziz Mosque Project was provided with worldwide unique and impressive Facade elements (Author: Wolfgang von Zoubek, Architectural Lightning & Design) that were designed, produced and installed by Lucem Lichtbeton.

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