Role of Smart Dynamic Concrete in Affordable Housing

Case study from Bengaluru, India

Providing an affordable house has never been easy and the task becomes all the more challenging in absence of technology which could be applied easily and sustain for a longer period. Implementing innovative technologies helps the real estate sector to minimize the time which is wasted in managing activities and installing materials for construction. It also helps the sector to decrease the loss which arises due to inability of the workforce. Innovative materials and mechanization for fast track construction are the two major paradigm shifts in the area of research and growth have recently been observed in the construction industry. Developments are occurring in the utilization of modern formwork, ready-mixed concrete and admixtures. Constructing fully-fledged and pre-engineered houses is a relatively new concept in India. It is estimated that India needs more than 27 million urban houses. Better understanding of concrete has resulted in more effective use of available raw materials and resources. Therefore, nowadays specifications are clear and well defined. With a new and innovative Super- plasticiser and Viscosity Modifying Agent (VMA) it’s now possible to achieve formerly unseen stability and robustness levels in SCC mixes, despite low fines contents. Such admixtures can make ordinary concrete extraordinary and meet some of the challenges faced in Mass Housing projects. In this paper the authors will set out to explain the benefits of Smart Dynamic Concrete and its use in a Slum Clearance project in Bengaluru.

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