20 years: systems for splitting concrete blocks

Techno Split S.r.l., 38050 Ospedaletto (Trento), Italy

Techno Split designs and makes customised systems for splitting concrete blocks, with technologically advanced high quality standards. It is an Italian company, located in the North of Italy. It is a family-run business, which helps customers receive greater attention to their requests. The pre-sales technical consulting service is carried out directly by Mr. Francesco Boscardin who, with forty years of experience in the sector, is certainly one of the best experts in the splitting sector. Seriousness, flexibility and punctuality, these characteristics certainly make Techno Split a reliable partner.

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Techno Split S.r.l. Via Barricata, 12b 38050 Ospedaletto (Trento), Italy T +39 0461 770027 F +39 0461 770026 info@technosplit.com www.technosplit.com


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