The Indian Challenge – Precast Projects in India

Infosys – Multi Level Car Park, Pune, India

With the steady rise in the Indian economy, the construction industry has also climbed the ladder and has become the second largest industry, which contributes to the country’s GDP. This growth has magnified the demands for quick, clean and hassle free construction technologies and has thus laid “concrete” foundations for the precast technology in India. Changing track from conventional labour oriented projects to mechanized/industrialized construction techniques was path breaking, right from the onset of investments, styles and processes of architectural design through to complete execution of the project, mindsets, technology transfer, consultant approvals etc. and was a stiff challenge, other than maintaining quality and speed including logistics constraints in India. Precast India Infrastructures Pvt Limited, a pioneer in the Indian scenario of precast technology always took pride in accepting such challenges and has always exceeded expectations by creating exquisite structures despite all the odds. One such marvel is the Multi Level Car Park that Precast India IPL has built for their prestigious client Infosys Ltd in their Pune campus.

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