Con Cast Pipe in Canada Responds to Increasing Quality Awareness with Concrete Pipe Featuring HDPE…

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

… Liners Thanks to its extremely high quality standards, reliability, and fast order handling, Con Cast Pipe in Canada is undergoing rapid expansion. The company, based in the Toronto metropolitan area, is an incredibly successful one-stop supplier of wastewater systems throughout the entire province of Ontario. Con Cast Pipe strives to continually improve levels of efficiency and effectiveness within the firm, as is demonstrated by its ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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SCHLÜSSELBAUER TECHNOLOGY GmbH & Co KG Hörbach 4, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria T +43 7735 71440, F +43 7735 714456, Con Cast Pipe 641 Burloak Drive, Oakville, Ontario L6L 6V9, Canada T +1 905 8252691, F +1 905 8252684,


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