The Digital Transformation in the construction sector – what role for precast concrete manufacturers

BIBM The European Federation for Precast Concrete, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Today, everything is converted into “0” and “1”, the language of computers. During the last 50 years (and, in particular, since the advent of the web in the nineties) this conversion has radically changed the way we work, shop, travel, learn ... and enjoy life. Human interactions and economic transactions are heavily affected by this conversion into digital technologies. The term “Digitalisation” means the integration of digital technologies into everyday life and business aimed at replacing alternative ways of processing information (analogic, paper etc...) and controlling processes.

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BIBM – The European Federation for Precast Concrete rue d’Arlon, 55, 1040 Brussels, Belgium T +32 2 340 1828, F +32 2 588 0649,


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