Trend to prefabricated construction components

Tomorrow’s Precast Component Industry– Part 1/8

A lack of staff and, in particular, a dearth of skilled employees are forcing still more individual construction components to be prefabricated in production facilities, and onsite activities to be reduced to pure assembly work. Prefabrication enables large units to be manufactured instead of small dimensions for individual components. Their assembly can then be carried out substantially more rapidly and precisely than with small elements. Precision manufacturing in a precast facility makes accurately fitting construction components possible which can then be easily joined together at a construction site. The quality and precision of prefabricated components in timber and steel construction work has been perfected with the use of CNC controlled machine tools. Construction work with concrete has not yet been able to reach this perfection, as a great amount of manual effort is necessary in manufacturing individual elements. Yet current developments offer hope that both quality and performance can be enhanced with support from machines and a high degree of automation.

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