New Prefabricated Concrete Element Factory in Romania

Bianchi Casseforme srl, 43045 Fornovo di Taro (PR), Italy

Samus Tec SA, company part of MG Tec Group in Deji, Romania, decided to turn into industrial building construction in prefabricated concrete. Businessman Ioan Tecar is the manager of MG Tec. It consists of eight companies, the oldest of which was established in 1994. The group companies are active in the field of metallurgical products, insulating and plastering products, construction and construction materials, PVC and aluminum windows and doors, car parts, insurance and radio.

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Samus Tec SA Str. VAII 2c, Deji, Romania T +40 0264 213092, F +40 0264 213092 Gabor Concrete SRL Doicesti, Dambovita, Romania T +40 748958640, Via G. Di Vittorio,42, 43045 Fornovo di Taro (PR), Italy T +39 0525 400511, F +39 0525 400512,


04.12.2023 - 07.12.2023
06.12.2023 - 07.12.2023
12.12.2023 - 16.12.2023