50 years of conveying passion

Wamgroup Corporate, 41032 Ponte Motta/Cavezzo (MO), Italy

In the last five decades, Wamgroup has become one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacture of screw conveyors and feeders, with an annual production of thousands of units in sizes varying from small screw diameters for mass production to diameters beyond four metres for special applications, such as Archimedean water lifting screw pumps. To this date, Wamgroup has produced close to a million screw conveyors of various lengths and configuration. With its headquarters located near the northern Italian city of Modena, the Group currently employs over 2,100 people worldwide.

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WAMGROUP Corporate WAMGROUP S.p.A. Via Cavour 338, 41032 Ponte Motta/Cavezzo (MO), Italy T +39 0535 618111, F +39 0535 618226 info@wamgroup.com, www.wamgroup.com


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