New type of steel fibre opens up diverse possibilities for the concrete industry

Innovative Reinforcement

The fields of application for steel fibre reinforcement are very diverse. Steel fibres can be utilised in combination with conventional reinforcement or else replace it entirely. This means that using steel fibres can lead to a reduction in cost for reinforcing work and, thus in turn, for an overall project. It requires correspondingly great post-cracking tensile strength from the steel fibre reinforced concrete as well as homogenous fibre distribution in the construction component. A new type of steel fibre made by Feel Fiber Gmbh meets these requirements in an efficient manner. The fibre possesses a straight shape and anchor knots at its ends. The number, position and size of these anchor knots can be specified very flexibly thanks to an innovative manufacturing method, through which load-bearing behavior can be optimised according to project conditions. It may be assumed that their straight shape without hooks at the end will exert a minor influence on fresh concrete properties, exhibit low propensity to balling and, as a consequence, homogeneous fibre distribution. These assumptions were able to be confirmed in extensive experimental investigations.

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