Innovative water treatment system for exposed aggregate concrete production

ecofrog GmbH, 68804 Altlussheim, Germany

Valcke Prefab Beton NV operates several precast component production facilities at its factory premises in Vlamertinge. Façade elements with washed out surfaces are produced in one of these manufacturing units. A highpressure water jet system is employed for this purpose. As a result of this production process, great amounts of washout water mixed with washed-out solids are generated when laying the granulation bare. In close consultation with the customer, ecofrog® GmbH developed, installed and commissioned a continuous flow-through process for clarifying the 40 m³ water incurred on an hourly basis. The goal with this process was to achieve a closed water circuit enabling the alkaline water to be reutilised in the wash-out system. This process allows Valcke to put local environmental conditions into practice and saves up to 400 m³ water per day.

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