Monitoring all process-relevant measurement data of truck mixer drums

Franz Ludwig GmbH, 55124 Mainz, Germany

In the past years, the manufacture of concrete products has seen a continual increase in mix qualities, both in the case of precast and in-situ projects. Differentiated mix recipes meeting individual requirements on concrete quality have become a common feature of production processes. Special materials such as high-performance cements or chemical additives address the need of customers for customized concretes and the special wishes of customers. This, however, presupposes that the employed plant and measurement technologies in concrete production facilities are capable of meeting these requirements, for it has meanwhile become mandatory that such plants and equipment be able to handle extremely individual and highly specialized mix recipes to arrive at reliable products of superior quality. As a result, these circumstances call for the existence of appropriate measurement and testing technologies not only in the production facilities themselves but also on the way to the construction site and on the site itself.

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