DN 1500 concrete pipe with seamless corrosion protection without welding at the construction site –

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

… also suitable for pipes with accessible nominal widths “Going off the beaten track” – this statement, more or less, sums up the systems developer Schlüsselbauer Technology’s trade fair exhibition. At bauma 2019, Schlüsselbauer focused on displaying precast end products that concrete part manufacturers can use to strengthen their position in the market and increase the added- value associated with production. The demand for high quality components in both product segments – concrete pipes and concrete manholes – was apparent from Schlüsselbauer’s exhibits. The precast parts on display were of the same quality that can be consistently achieved in everyday operation at a concrete plant. Once again, the debate about visible concrete surfaces for infrastructure components such as pipes and manholes was sparked by the precast parts displayed by Schlüsselbauer, which were delivered to the trade fair from four different factories in Germany and Austria. Most booth visitors shared the view that the structural and visual component quality will be decisive for the survival and continued growth of the precast concrete parts industry. This belief rings even more true when considering concrete has been facing stiff competition from other materials in the pipe and manhole market for a number of years, and quality, not cost, will be a decisive factor in this fight in the future.

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