Prefabricating individual components within the concrete manufacturing process

Tomorrow’s Precast Component Industry – Part 4/8

Multifunctional construction components produced with traditional prefabrication methods need themselves to be divided up again into prefabricated modules, which are then pieced together as end products. Production work in a factory consists of assembling and connecting individual components to create an end product. The greater the number of components being installed in a concrete construction component, the greater the need of connecting individual components together in advance so that they can be inserted as a unit on a ready and waiting formwork table. We are now talking about a prefabrication of components either pieced together locally in a production facility or supplied as finished components as in the automobile industry. Classic processes in a precast production facility are undergoing changes as there is an increasing demand for assembly activities. Concrete acts as a glue holding all components together. This division of labour enables product quality to be enhanced whilst, at the same time, accelerating production processes. Pipelines can be fastened to the reinforcement, for example. Especially created meshes can be employed in an optimum way for this purpose. Other components needing to be inserted can also be fastened to the reinforcement during installation.

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